• Burma

    As US Warms Up to Burma, Burmese Respond in Kind

    by  • May 24, 2013 • Asia, Development, Human Rights • 

    Obama in Burma

    Burma’s major moves toward liberalization and release from the vise of its military grip signal huge strides toward democracy, yet nothing in this long-isolated, mineral-endowed country is assured. Even as the nation branches out from its dependence on China and advances cordial relations with the United States — including a visit by President Thein...

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    Burma, a Short History

    by  • April 15, 2013 • Asia, Development • 1 Comment

    Burma Resistance Day

    When Burma won independence from Britain in 1948, it was a devastated country tormented by multiple crises. Geographical misfortune had placed this otherworldly Buddhist nation in the path of powerful armies in World War II as Japan battled Western allies for control of the strategically placed country. Its capital city, Rangoon, was heavily damaged;...

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    Regional Partners Lighten the UN’s Burdens

    by  • November 26, 2011 • Asia, Peace and Security • 3 Comments

    Since the founding of the United Nations more than 65 years ago, groups of regional nations – in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas – have become the organization’s political, peacekeeping and development partners. While some of these groups have kept a low profile, several now find themselves in the international spotlight as crucial...

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