April 2012

US ambassador for war crimes

Defending the International Criminal Court From the Outside

The International Criminal Court‘s judgment against the warlord Thomas Lubanga for conscripting child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo has confirmed that “a permanent international criminal court is on the job,” Stephen Rapp, ambassador at large for the US State Department, said at Columbia University Law School this month. The Lubanga guilty verdict in …

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A Possible Replacement for UN Political Affairs Chief

Jeffrey Feltman, assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs at the US State Department, is said to be replacing B. Lynn Pascoe, the United Nations’ under secretary-general for political affairs, who has served for five years. The announcement has not been made formally by the UN, but it was reported in UN Forum, a …

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special court for sierra leone

Judging Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president, displayed a talent for troublemaking from a young age. Convicted on April 26 by a United Nations-backed tribunal for numerous counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, Taylor appears to have kept up his bad behavior for most of his 64 years. As a boy in rural Liberia, …

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Romney spokesman

Romney’s New Adviser Provokes Reactions on Past UN Work

The appointment last week of Richard A. Grenell to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign staff as national security and foreign policy spokesman has already caused a stir in political and journalism arenas, suggesting that Romney’s foreign policy will be hawkish with Grenell on board. Grenell, who is 45, joins the Romney camp with a solid Republican …

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Master of Science in Humanitarian Studies at Fordham University
UNDP women's hotline

Easing Afghan Women’s Burdens With a Hotline

Sanjar Qiam can readily recite examples of domestic abuse in his country, Afghanistan. “Just last week we received a call from neighbors,” Qiam, the director of a Kabul-based communications business, Gandeeray, recalled in a phone interview from his home in London, where he moved a few months ago. “‘There is a family,’ they said. “The …

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broccoli rabe

Spring Greens Cropping Up Near the UN

Sure, it was a very mild winter. That does not mean you are still not eager to check out the first greens of spring. A visit to the greenmarket at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza or the bigger one at Union Square provides clear evidence that nature is moving along nicely. Along with spring onions, early lettuce …

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Master of Science in Humanitarian Studies at Fordham University
Russian ambassador to the UN

UN Security Council Sends an Observer Team to Syria

The Security Council passed a resolution on Saturday allowing a team of 30 unarmed military observers to enter Syria as soon as Sunday to monitor the cease-fire that has more or less been respected since Thursday. Up to 250 observers, drawn mostly from United Nations peacekeeping troops in the region, are to eventually make up …

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US population growth

A Rockefeller Got It Right on US Population Growth

With three major international United Nations conferences being planned or proposed to update the 1992 Rio earth summit, the 1994 Cairo population conference and the 1995 Beijing global meeting on women’s rights, the topic of population growth and its effect on the environment, human development and nations’ progress needs serious discussion. That should start in …

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Americans for UNFPA

‘Americans for UNFPA’ Gets a New Name

To reflect its growing global reach, the independent citizen-support group in the United States for the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, has changed its name from Americans for UNFPA to Friends of UNFPA. The group is one of numerous public American organizations supporting a range of UN agencies. The Population Fund is the world’s largest …

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A Transition in Sight for Mali

BAMAKO, Mali — The junta that upended the country here on March 22 has agreed to hand over power to Dioncounda Traore, the president of the National Assembly, in the next few days. Mali was set to hold a presidential election on April 29 before a junior military officer and his entourage ousted the president, …

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Master of Science in Humanitarian Studies at Fordham University
UN envoy for Ivory Coast

Treaty to Protect UN Staff Falls Far Short of Backers

In 1994, after deadly civil wars began to pose extreme dangers to both peacekeepers and humanitarian staff members working around the world, the United Nations adopted the 1994 Convention on the Safety of UN and Associated Personnel, which made nations where UN troops and other missions are based responsible for their safety. An additional protocol …

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Kaing Guek Eav at the Cambodia Tribunal

The Ultimate War Crimes Expert, Back in the Game

No American diplomat or scholar of international law has been more deeply involved than David Scheffer in the creation of virtually every war crimes court from the catastrophic implosion of Yugoslavia to the long-overdue reckoning for the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Now, in a new book, “All the Missing Souls: A Personal History of the …

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