One Year Old, the Arms Trade Treaty Gains Traction

Important changes may not happen overnight, but they do happen, and progress made on the Arms Trade Treaty in the last year is an example of how political will can work toward the common good. Today, 18 countries are ratifying the treaty as part of a joint ceremony being held at the UN to mark … Read more


Take Two: Arms Trade Treaty Talks Resume

Control Arms Coalition

The second act of the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations has opened at the United Nations this week. Like any good drama, these talks, which began on March 18, are sure to feature tense moments and plenty of controversy, although many people involved in the process are optimistic that this act will deliver a final agreement. … Read more


The UN Arms Trade Treaty Must Survive

Eyes on Rights campaign

Nobody ever believed that establishing an international Arms Trade Treaty would be uncomplicated. Discussions taking place this month will determine the treaty’s future through a vote in the United Nations General Assembly next week. The treaty’s draft text was nearly adopted in July by UN member states, but those talks came to an abrupt halt … Read more

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