Seton Hall Graduate Degree in International Affairs
Seton Hall Graduate Degree in International Affairs

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Cora Weiss

Cora Weiss is the president of the Hague Appeal for Peace, which is dedicated to ending war. She has been a peace activist since the early 1960s, when she became an early member of Women Strike for Peace, a group that worked to end nuclear testing in the atmosphere. She was also a leader in the anti-Vietnam war movement; as a co-chairwoman and director of the Committee of Liaison With Families of Prisoners Detained in Vietnam, Weiss arranged the exchange of mail between families and POWs in Vietnam.

As a trustee of Hampshire College, she started the campus campaign to divest stocks in companies doing business in South Africa. Weiss has supported the United Nations since the 1950s, when she hosted Africans who were petitioning for independence of their countries.

Weiss has received the Peace Studies Medal of Manhattan College and the George F. Kennan Award of the New Jersey Peace Action. In May 1998 she and William Sloane Coffin were honored at the Riverside Church of New York on the 20th anniversary of their founding of the Riverside Disarmament Program, which Weiss directed for 10 years.

She lives in New York City.

This essay was adapted from a speech that Cora Weiss, president of the Hague Appeal for Peace, a network of peace and justice groups, read as a panelist on the “Women, War and Peace” debate held during the 56th…


Seton Hall Graduate Degree in International Affairs


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