Dulcie Leimbach and Maurizio Guerrero

Dulcie Leimbach is the editor of PassBlue.

Maurizio Guerrero has been the bureau chief of the Mexican news wire agency Notimex in the United Nations and in New York for five years. He has written extensively about human rights, immigration and drug policy issues. He also writes fiction, and in 2008 won a national award in Mexico for a collection of short stories.Guerrero studied journalism in Mexico City, followed by postgraduate work on print media at the Thomson Foundation in Cardiff, Wales.

January 22, 2014 
Women Lead to Peace summit, Montreux 2014
The United Nations-led peace talks in Switzerland to begin the laborious discussions to end the war in Syria have officially started, but Syrian women activists who have been demanding to sit at the crucial peace-talks table on Jan. 24 in Geneva did not know until the last minute whether any women would be involved. …

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