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Ilary Ranalli is a corporate environmental responsibility specialist for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), based in Rome. There, she produces its annual greenhouse gas emissions inventory report and is carrying out an environmental management system for the headquarters.

Ranalli is a former journalist and radio broadcaster in Ottawa, Canada, and in Rome. She has a B.S. degree in political science and a master's degree in international relations, with a focus on corporate environmental education, from the Guido Carli Free International University for Social Studies (LUISS University), in Rome. She is fluent in English and in Italian.

  •  June 1, 2015 
ROME — The Food and Agriculture Organization is actively mitigating and adapting to climate change in the agriculture sector — crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries. Our own headquarters here in Rome and regional offices are also making environmental and social changes. This work attests to our active participation in the corporate environmental responsibility movement …

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