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Isabella Flisi is an international development worker and researcher with almost 10 years of experience working in Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America on human rights. She has worked with such organizations as Peace Brigades International, Christian Aid and KIT-Royal Tropical Institute. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Ulster University Transitional Justice Institute, where she is researching child soldier reintegration and reparations programs from a gender perspective. Flisi has both a master's degree in international cooperation and a B.A. in anthropology from the University of Bologna, Italy. Her expertise covers conflict transformation, peace-building, DDR, gender-based violence and human rights with a strong focus on women and child rights. Contact:; @isabellaflisi

  •  October 30, 2016 
BOGOTÁ — By a thin margin, Colombian voters said no in early October to a peace agreement to end the decades-long war in the country between the guerillas, FARC-EP, and the government. The painstakingly written peace pact was developed with considerable contributions from women to embed commitments to gender rights in the country’s post-conflict …
  •  July 18, 2016 
BOGOTA, Colombia — As the peace treaty grows closer to fruition after the historic cease-fire agreement was reached recently between the Colombian government and the armed guerrillas known as FARC-EP, it is important to try to clarify the scale of sexual violence that took place during the 50-year conflict. It is also crucial to know …

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