Karim Makdisi

Karim Makdisi is an associate professor of international politics at the American University of Beirut. Some of his publications on the UN include "The Land of the Blue Helmets: United Nations in the Arab World" (University of California Press, 2017, edited with Vijay Prashad); "The Syrian Chemical Weapons Disarmament Process in Context: Narratives of Coercion, Consent, and Everything in Between" (with C. Hindawi-Pison), Third World Quarterly, Issue 8, 2017; and "Reconsidering the Struggle Over UNIFIL in South Lebanon," Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol.14, No.2, Winter 2014.
September 11, 2018 
BEIRUT — In late August, the United Nations Security Council unanimously renewed its peacekeeping operation in southern Lebanon, called Unifil. The less confrontational tone around the negotiation of Resolution 2433, contrasting with the heated debate on the renewal a year ago, can be read as a positive sign for Lebanon and the UN. It …

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