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Marah Bukai is a Syrian-American poet, academic researcher and writer. As an advocate for democratic peaceful change in Syria, Bukai joined the early Civic Society Movement in 2001, the Damascus Declaration in 2005 and co-founded the Syrian National Council in 2011. She is now the general coordinator for the Women’s Advisory Committee of the Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee. Bukai has seven publications of Arabic poetry; her most recent book of English poetry, "O," was published by Waref Publishing House in 2005.

  •  March 23, 2017 
GENEVA — As the latest round of the United Nations-led Syrian peace negotiations gets underway here, Syrian women activists are demanding — and playing — a central role. Achieving the goal of a democratic, inclusive Syria, in light of the country’s decades-long history of patriarchy is not easy. Many Syrian men — and some …

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