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Rolf Carriere studied development economics and philosophy at Groningen State University in The Netherlands in the 1960s. From 1971, he served in the UN system for the next 34 years, mostly with Unicef and the World Bank, on health and nutrition matters primarily in Asia. His last positions included serving as Unicef's representative in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Indonesia; he was also the first executive director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in Geneva. He now advises civil society organizations on issues of unarmed civilian protection, trauma healing and organizational development. He lives in Échenevex, France.

  •  April 26, 2016 
ÉCHENEVEX, France — While psychological trauma affects perhaps as many as 500 million victims worldwide, and adversely impacts human and social development on a massive scale, its most devastating — but least suspected — effect may well be the potential for peace. How? Because people who have been traumatized by violence or abuse could …

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