Dr. Rosa Freedman is a senior lecturer at Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham, England. Her research focuses on the United Nations and human rights; she has published extensively on the UN Human Rights Council and is working on a British Academy-funded project on UN special procedures. In addition, she has published two books, "Failing to Protect: The UN and the Politicization of Human Rights" and "The United Nations Human Rights Council: A Critique and Early Assessment." She holds a master of laws degree from University College London and a Ph.D. from Queen Mary University of London.

Aoife Hegarty is a program manager for the Geneva-based UPR Info, a nongovernmental organization devoted to strengthening the Universal Periodic Review, a human-rights tool of the UN Human Rights Council. She holds a master of laws degree from the University of Copenhagen, with a specialization in human-rights and humanitarian law. All views expressed are her own.

  •  November 17, 2015 
BIRMINGHAM, England — During its Universal Period Review session recently at the Human Rights Council, Austria’s delegation commended Conchita Wurst for promoting antidiscrimination and raising awareness of LGBTI issues. Wurst famously represented Austria in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, winning the competition that year and with it engaging a wide range of European audiences …

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