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Samea Shanori and Fiona Shukri met in 2008, when they worked together on a Usaid-funded development project in Kabul. Shanori who is from Afghanistan, is currently working with a global media management company in New York City while pursuing her graduate degree in public policy and administration at Columbia University. Shukri is a writer and consultant who has worked in Central Asia and the Middle East as a senior program manager for the National Democratic Institute in Washington D.C., and as a communications strategist at Unesco in Paris and at UNA-USA in New York.

  •  March 25, 2020 
Authors Samea Shanori and Fiona Shukri in Kabul
Afghan women’s inclusion in the current peace negotiations with the Taliban and the United States has become an international cause célèbre. But calls for participation of Afghan women without methodical, sustained and substantive engagement in a peace settlement has the potential to harm them, not help them. The international community should ensure that Afghan women …

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