Yasuhiro Ueki is a professor in the Department of Global Studies at Sophia University in Tokyo. He is a former political affairs officer and deputy spokesman for the United Nations. He also worked at the UN mission in East Timor. Ueki has an undergraduate degree from Sophia University and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. hiro.ueki@hotmail.com

  •  November 15, 2018 
We live in an age of uncertainty caused by the shifting structure and dynamics of international politics, economics and social change. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said in his address to the General Assembly in September that this uncertainty was “a bad case of trust deficit disorder” at three levels. First, within countries, he …
  •  April 26, 2017 
The images of civilians, particularly children, being asphyxiated by chemical substances and dying in Idlib Province of Syria on April 4 were a game changer. Judging that the chemical attack was carried out by the Syrian government, the United States, two days later, attacked Syria’s Shayrat airbase with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles. The US …

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