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Russia’s Powerful Perch at the UN Is Crumbling

In October, the United States and Russia will square off in a high-stakes election to decide who will be the next secretary-general of the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union (ITU) — helping to determine the future of Internet communications for five billion users worldwide. The Geneva-based ITU develops standards and practices that make possible key …

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Trending UN News: Week Ending May 13

This week, we focus on how the UN is further rallying support to combat the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the widespread condemnation against the killing of Al Jazeera’s reporter in Palestine.  You are reading This Week @UN, summarizing the most pressing issues before the organization. The information is gathered from UN press briefings, PassBlue …

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Joseph Stalin and Franklin Roosevelt at the Tehran Conference

To Stalin, Ukraine Was an Independent Country

Vladimir Putin published an essay last year stating that Russians and Ukrainians were “one people.” He wrote: “I am confident that true sovereignty of Ukraine is possible only in partnership with Russia.” Thirteen years earlier, in a 2008 meeting with President George W. Bush, Putin went further, telling Bush that Ukraine was “not a nation.” …

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Russia Has Used Its UN Seat to Hide Atrocities Committed in the Central African Republic, Experts Say

The presence of the Russian state-linked Wagner Group mercenaries in the diamond-rich Central African Republic has been bloody. Now it seems that Russia has used its power in the United Nations Security Council to protect its exploits and geostrategic interests in the African country, a nation hanging on by a thread.  Given international outcry for …

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Linda Thomas-Greenfield at UN Press Conference

US to Address Soaring Global Food Prices as Chair of the Security Council

The United States is making the tackling soaring prices of food commodities the main focus of its presidency of the United Nations Security Council in May. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the country’s permanent representative to the UN, elaborated on the topic at a press conference to mark the start of the rotating presidency. “You may recall …

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Trending UN News: Week Ending May 6

This week, we report on the UN secretary-general’s Sahel region trip as he took the message of global peace and security to Niger, Nigeria and Senegal, and the momentous evacuation of civilians from Mariupol, Ukraine. You are reading This Week @UN, summarizing the most pressing issues before the organization. The information is gathered from UN …

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Order With Gusto

Everything about Montagu’s Gusto is unexpected, from its name and the size and sweep of its menu to its location, on a nondescript stretch of Second Avenue near 35th Street, sandwiched between a reflexology salon and a Chinese takeout bizarrely named Profit. The menu’s breadth aside, this modest spot (14 minutes by foot from the …

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Xiomara Castro at her inauguration

Can Honduras’s New President Transform Her Country? The US Sure Hopes So

Xiomara Castro, Honduras’s first woman president, is brandishing an ambitious agenda whose top priorities include reforming the Constitution and elevating women’s rights. Yet the success of Castro, a 62-year-old former first lady, depends heavily on how well she manages Honduras’s complicated relationship with the United States. The stakes are high for both countries, and top …

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UN Nuclear Watchdog Is ‘Gravely Concerned’ About Ukraine Plant Held by Russia

VIENNA — The International Atomic Energy Agency expressed “grave concern” recently about the safety at Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant, in Zaporizhzhia, and said that the situation for the Ukrainian personnel working there was “unsustainable.” The plant was captured by Russian forces in a dramatic assault on March 4. Ever since then, Ukrainian staff continue …

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Antonio Guterres and Volodymyr Zelensky

Trending UN News: Week Ending April 29

This week, reporting on the UN’s efforts to help evacuate people still trapped in Mariupol as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine heads into its 10th week. So far, the UN hasn’t revealed any progress on its humanitarian corridor goal as the mayor of Mariupol pleads desperately for the city to be rescued.  You are reading This …

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Further Outsourcing of $86 Billion UN Pension Fund Is Paused, and Questions Arise About Russian Investments

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has paused his plan to further outsource the management of the $86 billion UN pension fund’s assets to Wall Street. The plan to allow an additional 18 percent of the fund’s assets to investment companies would have doubled the amount already being privatized. Questions also have arisen about the fund’s …

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In Lockdown With Their Rapists

CALABAR, Nigeria — In March 2020, when schools in Nigeria closed their doors to flatten the surging curve of coronavirus infection, the unintended consequence was that thousands of children and teenagers across the country became soft targets of sexual assault and rape. Celia*, 17, was one of them. On a sunny afternoon last December, Celia …

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Current and past members of the Security Council addressing the media

Trending UN News: Week Ending April 22

This week, the focus stays glued to Ukraine while a flicker of hope emerges in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, where children are getting new malaria vaccines.  You are reading This Week @UN, summarizing the most pressing issues before the organization. The information is gathered from UN press briefings, PassBlue reporting and other sources. This week, …

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Vassily Nebenzia, Russian Ambassador to the UN

Handling Zelensky: The UN’s Dilemma

The United Nations has been widely criticized for failing to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Critics point out that Russia has vetoed every action in the Security Council to stymie or end the Russian attack. Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky even told the Council earlier this month that given its many standoffs, it might as …

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The Missing Link in a UN Cold Case? A French Death Warrant Against Dag Hammarskjold Comes to Light

Six decades after the unexplained death of United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold and 15 other people in a plane crash in Central Africa, a new discovery in French government archives may bring researchers closer to the truth and answer a famous Cold War riddle: Who killed Hammarskjold? The discovery of an important clue happened in …

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