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Csaba Kőrösi, President of UNGA77 addresses the press on Sept 12, 2022

Trending UN News: Week Ending Sept. 16

This week, we focus on the preparations of the annual United Nations General Assembly opening session with world leaders — “high-level week” — from Sept. 20-26 and other stories around the world. The speakers’ list is constantly revising, though it’s confirmed that President Biden is now slated to deliver his remarks on Sept. 21. You …

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The UN General Assembly Must Fix Myanmar’s Muddled Representation and Send a Profound Message to the Junta

The United Nations General Assembly will soon make a decision that will affect the lives of 55 million people in Myanmar and could influence the fate of their nation as it stands at a crucial crossroad. This week, as the 77th session of the Assembly opens, its Credentials Committee will deliberate on who represents Myanmar …

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Navi Pillay

Born Under Apartheid, Navi Pillay Has Climbed to Global Heights in Promoting Human-Rights Law

Nations of the world have taken giant steps in recent decades to build international structures and strengthen institutions to deal with mass human-rights abusers. At almost every stage, Navi Pillay, a South African lawyer, was there, advancing the rights of political detainees and the protection and status of women. Pillay, 80, is a descendant of …

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Vasily Nebenzya with deputies.

Trending UN News: Week Ending Sept. 9

Welcome back to our weekly summary, after a much-needed break in August, when we still produced amazing scoops, interviews and investigations (see the rundown below). This week, our focus is on the Security Council as France leads the primary body of the United Nations in September; and we expose how Russia’s war in Ukraine and …

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IAEA head Rafael Grossi

UN Watchdog Board Is Expected to Criticize Russia for Its Actions at the Ukraine Nuke Plant

VIENNA — Poland and Canada have circulated a draft resolution among members of the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, criticizing Russia’s “violent actions against nuclear facilities in Ukraine, including the ongoing presence of Russian forces and Rosatom personnel at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.” The resolution by the board at the …

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Nicolas de Rivière

France Vows to Keep Helping ‘Very Poor’ Nations in the Sahel Region of West Africa

After ending its nine-year military stay in Mali and promising to halve its military presence in West Africa, France said it remained committed to ensuring good governance in the countries affected by continuing instability in the region. Nicolas de Rivière, France’s permanent representative to the United Nations, said in an interview with PassBlue that Paris …

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Félix Baumann: The War in Ukraine Contributed to the Failure of the UN Nuclear Weapons Conference

After three weeks of negotiations at the United Nations headquarters, the 191 states parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) failed to adopt a final document at the 10th review conference of the NPT, held from Aug. 1-26. Given the toxic international context and the increased nuclear threat, this failure is …

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This Belarusian Activist Has One Goal: To See Lukashenko Out and Democracy In

When a Belarusian official presented the country’s flattering self-assessment at a forum on sustainable development held at the United Nations in July, Anastasia Kostyugova was there to push back. “[The government] blindly manipulates statistics to portray Belarus as a happy and prosperous country,” Kostyugova read from her statement. “How can a civil society address its …

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Unesco Protects Borscht as a National Treasure of Ukraine. What Would My Mother Say?

Unesco daringly announced this summer the “urgent need of safeguarding” borscht. Or as Ukrainians spell it, borsch. When the Ukrainian government asked the UN cultural and education agency to save the soup’s historical place as a national dish amid Russia’s bloodbath on Ukraine, they weren’t kidding. “The victory in the war for borsch is ours!” …

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In West Africa, a Staggering Low Number of Women in Politics Is Brightened by One Exception

LAGOS — A mere 17 women were appointed or elected to parliaments, ministerial or electoral offices in the West Africa/Sahel region out of 134 available positions from December 2021 to June 2022. While the paltry figures have long raised concerns among the region’s women’s-rights advocates, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres also chimed in while …

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The UN in Crisis: Big Powers and Bad Influence

Individual member states have always exerted a heavy influence on the United Nations. The dominance of individual powers is the nature of multilateralism, but in the UN system it is particularly marked. The Security Council can only do its job if the five veto-wielding members (the P5: Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States) …

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Russia’s Violations of Global Aviation Rules Could Leave the UN With Tough, Costly Choices

Dozens of planes and helicopters leased from Russia by United Nations peacekeeping missions and humanitarian operations have been grounded as war-driven sanctions against Russia begin to bite, leaving UN officials scrambling to figure out how to keep critical air transport services running without compromising safety and falling afoul of international aviation law. In an Aug. …

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photo of Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame

Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame’s Blindness Does Not Stop Her From Helping Others

When she was only 10 years old, Gertrude Oforiwa Fefoame realized that she could no longer read her classroom’s blackboard at her school in eastern Ghana. She eventually learned that she had retinal dystrophy, an irreversible degenerative condition that would take most of her sight, excluding some sensitivity to sunlight. Being blind has not stopped …

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