Global Connection Television - The only talk show of its kind in the world
Global Connection Television - The only talk show of its kind in the world
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May 29, 2020 
Two weeks after President Trump fired off a characteristically intemperate letter to the director-general of the World Health Organization, accusing him of incompetence in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, the reputation of the agency has been damaged far less than the image of the United States. That is, to judge by the reaction of global …
May 27, 2020 
The world plans to withdraw peacekeepers from Darfur by the end of this year. Without an alternative in place, this premature departure is a disaster in the making for the millions of Darfuris it will leave behind. While the West weighs the best ways to protect civilians going forward, I and millions of Darfuris …
Global Connection Television - The only talk show of its kind in the world
May 21, 2020 
Exactly one year ago, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling on Britain to return the Chagos Archipelago, a cluster of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to Mauritius, an island-nation off the southeast coast of Africa. The resolution endorsed an International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion that had been …
May 20, 2020 
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Israel on May 13 2020
The Trump administration may be bound and determined to extend a tight global arms embargo on Iran, but it still can’t send a straight message about how it will do so through the United Nations Security Council. The embargo, embedded in a Council resolution endorsing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, expires in October. While …
Global Connection Television - The only talk show of its kind in the world
May 19, 2020 
On April 14, the US Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna issued a press release declaring that the State Department had contributed $11 million to a project fighting Covid-19 by the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA. The donation was mentioned by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a press briefing on May 6. …
May 18, 2020 
Dr. Jillann Farmer managed her share of crises as the United Nations medical director since 2012, including the Ebola outbreak in 2014 in West Africa and the Syrian chemical attacks that occurred soon after that epidemic. In February, Dr. Farmer decided she was ready to move to a new job after more than seven years …
May 15, 2020 
Kelly Craft and Joseph Craft at a 2018 reception in Ottawa
A year ago, Kelly Craft was serving as Washington’s frequently absent ambassador to Canada, soon to be en route to the United Nations. Her spouse, the coal baron Joseph Craft III, was knee-deep in a Trump administration assault on federal rules aimed at safeguarding the environment, slowing climate change and protecting miners and other …
Global Connection Television - The only talk show of its kind in the world
May 14, 2020 
Long before Covid-19, Latin American women suffered from a pandemic of violence. Now, amid lockdowns, domestic abuse is rising. As the region battles both the virus and domestic abuse, women’s advocates see a glimmer of hope in innovative protective measures set up by governments and women’s groups that could endure well into the future. …
May 12, 2020 
“Are you a senior medical executive with expertise in healthcare management with oversight of clinical services and occupational health at a facility, state, national or international level? The United Nations Secretariat is seeking a Medical Director at the D-2 level in the Department of Operational Support,” an ad posting on the UN’s job portal …
Global Connection Television - The only talk show of its kind in the world
May 11, 2020 
UN peacekeepers in Gao, Mali
Far from United Nations headquarters in New York and its offices in other cities around the world, many thousands of UN staff members are adjusting to new, more disturbing and dangerous realities in the era of Covid-19. Daily life is taking a psychological toll in both humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, prompting more focus on …
May 10, 2020 
After six weeks of negotiations, the United States shot down hopes for a resolution to be approved in the United Nations Security Council on May 8, refusing to back worldwide cease-fires as the US continues to castigate China and the World Health Organization for the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, momentum behind tenuous cease-fires is vanishing, …

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