Six Women, Including This Ghanaian, Join the UN’s Disability Committee

When I was growing up in Ghana, if someone had told me that one day I would hear my name announced as a member of a United Nations treaty body, I would hardly have believed it. But this is where I find myself, after many years of personal and professional experience fighting for disability rights. … Read more


Females Exposed to Nuclear Radiation Are Far Likelier Than Males to Suffer Harm

The new nuclear weapons ban treaty, to be most likely adopted by the United Nations General Assembly this week, arises from hope for our future. The negotiations for the treaty have elevated new information about the damage from ionizing radiation to the world stage. That is exactly where it needs to be heard. More cancers … Read more


Understanding Disability, Starting at Home

Our daughter, Isabella, is slowly losing her sight. I don’t say this with ease or fear but conditionally, as her vision can be fully restored, her doctor has reassured us, as he ups her medications and we wait for better news. For now, though, Isabella is losing her ability to see. As a university graduate … Read more

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