Human Rights

  •  December 1, 2022 
The United States wants Iran kicked off the United Nations body mandated since 1946 to empower women and promote gender equality. Through a request to hold a vote in the UN’s Economic and Social Council on Dec. 14, the 54 members could agree on a resolution led by the US to oust Iran from …
  •  November 29, 2022 
Guy Ryder at UN press conference
Guy Ryder, 66, immediate past director-general of the International Labor Organization for 10 years, begins his new role in New York City as the UN under secretary-general for policy, about 10 days into a World Cup rocked by accusations of human-rights violations of foreign migrant workers. Ryder, who is British, starts in the UN …
  •  November 23, 2022 
Navi Pillay, who leads the United Nations Human Rights Council’s commission of inquiry on Palestine and Israel, has written to the president of the General Assembly about a “matter of significant concern” involving the Israeli ambassador at a public meeting in October at the UN. The letter, dated Nov. 21, 2022, was sent to …
  •  November 22, 2022 
Leaders of major democracies are intensifying their denunciations of the Iranian government for its continued brutal crackdown on the protests in the country, which are moving into their third month as Iran has issued four death sentences so far linked to demonstrations. Not only are countries levying new sanctions on individuals and entities implicated …
  •  November 16, 2022 
A woman and her daughter in Kaduna, Nigeria, 2014.
LAGOS — The United Nations is ignoring repeated calls for help in resolving a resource war between largely Christian farmers and mainly Muslim herders in Kaduna, a state in northwest Nigeria. The conflict has been smoldering since 2011 and now, fanned by climate change, threatens to burst into flame. Violence in northwestern Nigeria killed …
  •  October 18, 2022 
Documenting the “dozens of thousands” of Russia’s war crimes that have been committed so far in Ukraine isn’t a problem for Oleksandra Matviichuk, a human-rights lawyer and civil society leader based in Kyiv. But having a fully developed international criminal system tasked with pursuing justice for all victims of war, is. “All people deserve …
  •  October 2, 2022 
It was billed as a grand ceremony staged by the United Nations Association of Germany to award its biennial Otto Hahn Peace Medal to Navi Pillay, marking her decades of groundbreaking work in human rights and international criminal law, including through the United Nations. The setting for the ceremony on Sept. 28 would be …
  •  September 12, 2022 
Navi Pillay
Nations of the world have taken giant steps in recent decades to build international structures and strengthen institutions to deal with mass human-rights abusers. At almost every stage, Navi Pillay, a South African lawyer, was there, advancing the rights of political detainees and the protection and status of women. Pillay, 80, is a descendant …
  •  August 30, 2022 
When a Belarusian official presented the country’s flattering self-assessment at a forum on sustainable development held at the United Nations in July, Anastasia Kostyugova was there to push back. “[The government] blindly manipulates statistics to portray Belarus as a happy and prosperous country,” Kostyugova read from her statement. “How can a civil society address …
  •  August 14, 2022 
Today marks a dark anniversary — one year since Kabul fell to the Taliban. As Ireland’s ambassador to the United Nations, I have always said I will judge the Taliban by their actions, not by their words. Their actions in the last year speak of absolute contempt for the rights of the Afghan people, …
  •  July 19, 2022 
LONDON — A new United Nations high commissioner for human rights needs to be found, appointed by the General Assembly and be ready to begin work on Sept. 1. Anyone who meets the criteria set out in the UN’s official job description can apply for this role — the deadline is July 27. The …
  •  July 15, 2022 
photo of Father Francisco de Roux
This week, we focus on the rising number of armed children in conflicts in Africa’s Sahel region and how fake news, misinformation and disinformation are hurting peacekeeping worldwide. You are reading This Week @UN, summarizing the most pressing issues before the organization. The information is gathered from UN press briefings, PassBlue reporting and other …
  •  July 14, 2022 
photo of Daria Herasymchuk
Amid mounting reports of Ukrainian children being forcibly deported to Russia during Moscow’s brutal war against the country and its culture, savvy Ukrainian technocrats are launching a tool to fight back in cyberspace. An interactive public website will soon go live to assist expert search teams that are tracking missing children, according to President …
  •  June 27, 2022 
Britain’s new five-year asylum partnership arrangement with Rwanda is showing the rest of Europe how countries can possibly lock refugees out of their borders. And Filippo Grandi, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, is worried about this precedent. In the wake of the refugee crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in which …
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