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  •  January 12, 2022 
For decades, amid genocidal wars and gender violence that tore apart the lives and bodies of girls and women, Denis Mukwege, facing repeated threats to his own life, worked as a medical doctor in poor, broken communities in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2018, that work was recognized universally by a …
  •  August 27, 2021 
Fears are running high among the vulnerable women of Afghanistan — scholars, writers and other intellectuals — that they may be prime targets for retribution and abuse by the Taliban’s ideologically driven tribal misogyny. In remote Kyrgyzstan, a Muslim nation landlocked and mountainous like Afghanistan but different in many ways, the democratically elected government …
  •  August 8, 2016 
In Baton Rouge, La., Silky Slim has implored the United Nations to pay attention to what he calls the “hypocrisy” of the United States regarding the treatment of some of its own citizens, African-Americans. In fact, several UN officials have readily commented on racial and other violence in the US as well as the …
  •  September 3, 2014 
President Barack Obama will hold a summit late this month in the United Nations Security Council to try to counter the surging power and strength of the Islamic terrorists that have seized parts of the Middle East this summer and other violent extremists worldwide. The summit, to convene on Sept. 25, will occur during …
  •  June 13, 2013 
Sellstrom and Ban Ki-moon
The United States will be increasing the “scope and scale” of its help to the main opposition group fighting in Syria against the country’s regime, based on recent assessments that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on several occasions in the last two months against the rebels and others. After a “confident” assessment made …
  •  April 19, 2013 
Congo women exhibition
With the issues of emergency contraception — the “morning after” pill — and abortion still topics of tremendous controversy among United Nations members, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has recommended that both should be offered as part of an international response to the rape of women in conflict situations. Writing in his first report on the …
  •  May 28, 2012 
Gen. Robert Mood
From The Insider: You can’t misunderstand Gen. Robert Mood, even if you tried. The veteran Norwegian senior officer, who is a veteran of several UN field assignments, has just been designated as Chief of UN Military Observers in Syria. A talented soldier who is similarly a shrewd diplomat, General Mood has served in UNIFIL, Lebanon …
  •  May 28, 2012 
A serious shortage of funds for the renovation of the substantially gutted Secretariat compound has left the UN scrambling. Over $1.8 billion in overruns have accrued “due to inflation and delays in execution,” according to a statement by officials of the Capital Master Plan. There was no convincing presentation as to where the money …
  •  May 28, 2012 
Newly appointed Under-Secretary General for Management, Yukio Takasu, has 40 years of wide experience in multilateral work. He was Japan’s Permanent Representative to the U.N.; member and President of the Security Council; Head of U.N. Affairs at Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; member of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions; Special Advisor of …
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