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Global Connection Television - The only talk show of its kind in the world
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PassBlue is eternally grateful for all the generous financial and in-kind donations we have received from individuals and organizations, including those who gave anonymously through the 2018 and 2019 NewsMatch campaigns.


Carnegie Corporation of New York*
Compton Foundation
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Democracy Fund (via NewsMatch)
Samuel Rubin Foundation
Knight Foundation (via NewsMatch)
Lucia Mouat Charitable Fund
The Sorensen Fund and Gillian Sorensen
Greater Washington Community Foundation

Anonymous Donor: $5,000
Anonymous Donor: $4,000*
Susan Eyre Manuel Hussein Fund: $2,000

Secretaries-General of PassBlue: Donations of $2,000 or more

• Tino Calabia*
• Celeste Penney*
• Peg Yorkin*

Ambassadors of PassBlue: Donations of $500 or more

• Sir Richard Jolly
• Nina Lahoud*
• Stephen Magli
• John Penney*
• Michaela Walsh*
• Committee on Teaching About the United Nations

Deputy Ambassadors of PassBlue: Donations of $200 or more

• Sophie Arnold*
• Franz Baumann*
• Carol Bellamy*
• Robert Berg*
• Ann Biddlecom*
• Donald Bliss*
• Raymond and Verena Borton*
• Lisa Buttenheim*
• Mary Chamie*
• Ellen Chesler
• Phyllis Cox*
• Alison Gardy*
• Sue Hand*
• Sylvia Hordosch*
• Angela Kane*
• Jeff Laurenti*
• Stephen Marks
• Barbara Mulvaney*
• Hanne Pomerantz
• William Raiford*
• Peg Snyder*
• Brian Williams

Delegates of PassBlue: Donations of $25 to $199

Ruth Allen, Zahra Aziz, Deborah Baldwin, Bilge Bassani, Herb Behrstock, Yosef Brody, Charlotte Bunch, Gary Candela, Anne Carlton, Elizabeth Carmichael, Norma Chan, Linda Cohn, Commons Cluster, Charlies Crain, Dan Cuff, Jeanne and Alain Damlamian, Zsuzsanna Deen-Racsmany, Benedict Docherty*, Clare Doyle, Fred Eckhard, Tony Fleming, Eduard Friesen, Luiz Augusto C. Galvano, Maria Gambale, Barbara Gibson, Mary Ellen Gulotta, Barbara Hey*, Warren Hoge, Kathryn Horvat, Elizabeth Hovey*, Anne Impellizzeri, Robert Johnston, Angela and William Kane, Ninette Kelley, William Kennedy, Kent Kille, Patricia Lecomte Du Nouy, John Leahy, Susan Lee, Salim Lone*, Vesna Jaksic Lowe, Ferauld Maignan, Judy Miller, Corinne Momal-Varian, Katrinka Moore*, Edward Mortimer, Philippe Mottaz, Karen Mulhauser, Roger Nokes, Bill Pace, Aaron Peacock, Isabella Penney, Cristina Petcu, Ann Phillips, Laurie Phipps, Tracy Pridgen, Jane Roberts*, Charles Robideau, Mariana Salgado, Helen Sandalls, Stephen Schlesinger, Cecily Cannan Selby, Tina Shapleigh, Shahr-yar Sharei, Tim Sherwin*, Alan Shuchat and Alix Ginsburg, Emmy Takahashi-Moskowitz, Nancy Teas*, Ellen Tolmie, Yashuhiro Ueki, Toon van der Veer, Joann Vanek*, Linda K. Wandsworth, Christopher Welchman, Tom Wilber, Christina Yuin

*repeat donors

In-Kind Donations

Irwin Arieff, Barbara Crossette, Ladan Osman, Isabella Penney, Joe Penney, John Penney, the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, Thomas G. Weiss, interns and all other writers and photographers: we couldn’t do it without you.

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