PassBlue is eternally grateful for all the generous financial and in-kind donations we have received from individuals and organizations.


Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Carnegie Corporation of New York is a major funder and supporter of PassBlue.

Compton Foundation
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Democracy Fund (via NewsMatch)
Samuel Rubin Foundation
Knight Foundation (via NewsMatch)
Lucia Mouat Charitable Fund
The Sorensen Fund and Gillian Sorensen
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Wallace Fox Foundation

Following is a List of donors who have given $100 or more for 2019 and 2020. If you have any questions about the list, please contact passblue1@gmail.com
$5000 – $9999:

Wallace Fox Foundation

$1000 – $4999:

Anonymous (2)
Mary Ellen Hawn
Lucia Mouat
Soon-Young Yoon

$500 – 999:

Anonymous (1)
Walter Dorn
F.M. Calabia
Mary Page

$250 – $499:

Anonymous (5)
Elizabeth Colton
Margaret Aitken
Nina Lahoud
Benon Sevan
Carolyn Candela
Maria Helena Henriques Mueller
Warren Hoge

$100 – $249:

Anonymous (19)
Yasmine Ergas
Louise Frechette
Carolyn McAskie
Ross Mountain
Stephen Marks
Elizabeth Rosebud Afua Tetteh
Dawn Calabia
Chandra Roy-Henriksen
Eva Annette
Carole Artigiani
Paulette Austin
Robert Berg
Elizabeth Carmichael
Norma Po Yee Chan
Nancy Donaldson
Kathleen Fico
Barbara Hey-Smith
Angela Kane
Douglas Kirkpatrick

Roger Kotila
Patricia L Kruger
Jeffrey Laurenti
Katrinka Moore
Barbara Mulvaney
Tendai Musakwa
Frederick J Packer
Gonzalo Perez del Castillo
Trudy Peterson
Helen Sandalls
Stephen Schlesinger
Hanns Schumacher
Elisabeth Shuman
George J Somerwill
Jeanne Betsock Stillman
Maritza Struyvenberg
Ellen Tolmie
John W. Vincent
Elisabeth Waechter
Cora Weiss
Katherine Zapponen

$1000 – $4999:

Anonymous (2)
Susan Manuel
Gillian Sorensen

$500 – $999:

Lucretia Mouat Charitable Fund
Stephen Magli

$250 – $499:

Nina Lahoud
Phyllis Cox

$100 – $249:

Anonymous (13)
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Ellen Chesler
William Raiford
Brian Williams
Sophie Arnold
Deborah Baldwin
Robert Berg
Charlotte Bunch
Mary Chamie
Norma Chan

Warren Hoge
Kathryn Horvat
Angela Kane
Jeffrey Laurenti
Barbara Mulvaney
Isabella Penney
Stephen Schlesinger
Hanns Schumacher
Ellen Tolmie
Yasuhiro Ueki
Toon van der Veer

In-Kind Donations

Irwin Arieff, Barbara Crossette, Ladan Osman, Isabella Penney, Joe Penney, John Penney, Thomas G. Weiss, interns and all other writers and photographers: we couldn’t do it without you.

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