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Spotlight: Women

July 10, 2022

Summer greetings from the team at PassBlue in New York City, sending you our third Spotlight: Women newsletter, drawing attention to the stories we have published in the last few months, in case you missed them. They include our popular series, Women as Changemakers, highlighting innovative women across the world; in this case a a Canadian journalist who has covered the Afghanistan-Pakistan region for decades, and the new boss at the prestigious International Crisis Group think tank. We also report on the steep challenges facing the new president of Honduras and an investigation into how girls and teens stuck in Covid-19 lockdown in Nigeria became “soft targets of sexual assault and rape.”

PassBlue has been covering women’s issues from the moment we launched in 2011. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

Kind regards, Dulcie Leimbach, editor

Despite 100 countries enacting national plans to carry out the global women, peace and security agenda, women remain largely absent from conflict mediation and other peacemaking endeavors across the world. The agenda, cemented in a Security Council resolution approved in
CALABAR, Nigeria — In March 2020, when schools in Nigeria closed their doors to flatten the surging curve of coronavirus infection, the unintended consequence was that thousands of children and teenagers across the country became soft targets of sexual assault


Global Connections Television (GCTV), the only talk show of its type in the world, has featured a myriad of guests ranging from leaders at the UN to the private sector to academics to non-governmental organizations.

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