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Our series that pulls together the best articles from PassBlue about women.

As the 2024 United States Republican presidential primary is set to begin on Jan. 15, in Iowa, PassBlue is highlighting its archival reporting and analyses on Nikki Haley, a candidate who was an ambassador to the United Nations and governor of South Carolina. PassBlue’s reporting and analyses on Haley, 51, when she represented the US at the UN from January 2017 to December 2018, covers a range of topics. These include withdrawing the US from the Human Rights Council to her record on supporting global women’s rights.


The dog days of August may be upon us, but we are working hard to bring you the best journalism on the UN. Here are stories and opinion pieces we have published since the spring on the rights of women globally, capturing their voices, predominately from Afghanistan — the meanest place on Earth for females — to the US, where a woman plunged into politics to “stop the hate” of discrimination. We also touch down in Nigeria and Ukraine.

As always, we welcome your comments, ideas and story tips.

We also say au revoir to our dear intern, Chloé!

Dulcie Leimbach, Editor of PassBlue

Since our first days of publishing 11 years ago, PassBlue has been consistently reporting on the rights of women and girls. That’s one way we stand out in our work.

Here are the stories and opinion pieces we have published in the first half of this year, capturing how women’s voices across the world just grow louder and more strategic in demanding their rights despite the specter of authoritarianism spoiling the gains of women and others.

As one Pakistani advocate said, “One step forward is better than two steps back” – although in nearby Afghanistan, women are being shoved to the edge of the cliff. Yet they remain standing.

Kind regards, Dulcie Leimbach, editor

Since our first days of publishing, PassBlue has been championing the rights of women. As a women-led media company that covers the United Nations, that stance is a given.

Here are the stories and an op-ed we produced in the last few months on women generally. Some of the women we have written about have achieved serious recognition for their work, despite the odds stacked against them, like activists from Belarus and Ukraine. We also highlight the stories of women who continue to take on roles that require enormous grit to improve the world, like Navi Pillay of South Africa and Margot Wallstrom of Sweden. And then there is the enormous courage of women in Iran demanding their freedom from repression.

It’s been a grueling year for women across the world, but 2023 will prove that they will fight even harder for gender equality and justice in every sphere of life.

Kind regards, Dulcie Leimbach, editor

Summer greetings from the team at PassBlue in New York City, sending you our third Spotlight: Women newsletter, drawing attention to the stories we have published in the last few months, in case you missed them. They include our popular series, Women as Changemakers, highlighting innovative women across the world; in this case a a Canadian journalist who has covered the Afghanistan-Pakistan region for decades, and the new boss at the prestigious International Crisis Group think tank. We also report on the steep challenges facing the new president of Honduras and an investigation into how girls and teens stuck in Covid-19 lockdown in Nigeria became “soft targets of sexual assault and rape.”

PassBlue has been covering women’s issues from the moment we launched in 2011. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

Kind regards, Dulcie Leimbach, editor



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