Applying a Global Treaty on Gender Equality to American Cities

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Every year at the United Nations, the Commission on the Status of Women brings together an impressive array of global leaders to publicly state their support for gender equality. This year’s meeting, occurring in March, was no different, with 8,000 attendees reiterating their support to ending gender inequality and discrimination around the … Read more


City College Students Join a Debate on Women From Inside the UN

It all began in January, when some eager students gathered in a room at the City College of New York that felt too cramped for our own good to dive into the world of the United Nations. Under the guidance of Professor Patricia Ackerman, the director of the women’s studies program at City College, which … Read more

The UN Leaves Women’s Rights Defenders in the Cold

For all its words about human rights and women’s issues, the United Nations has so far given lukewarm political support to defenders of gender rights worldwide — particularly women who defend women’s rights, a dangerous occupation in many regions. These women generally work in challenging circumstances, and their hard-won victories, by their own accounts, suffer … Read more

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