Khmer Rouge Practiced Widespread Sexual Attacks on Minorities

Khmer Rouge cadre

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Until now, sexual violence against ethnic minorities during the Khmer Rouge era in this country went largely ignored. Now for the first time, the Cambodian Defenders Project, one of the oldest legal aid organizations here, has published first-person accounts of interviews with 105 men and women from ethnic Vietnamese, Khmer Krom, … Read more

Top Khmer Rouge Case Ends, With Future Trials Uncertain

Khieu Samphan, defendant at Cambodia tribunal

Almost four decades after the ideologically crazed communist movement known as the Khmer Rouge fought its way to power in Cambodia, vowing to create a new society but instead leaving up to two million people dead in its wake, arguments in the cases of two top leaders have closed. The verdict of the court will … Read more

Khmer Rouge Leader Dies, a New Blow to a Stagnant UN Tribunal

Ieng Sary of the Khmer Rouge

Ieng Sary, a co-founder and the third-highest official in the murderous Khmer Rouge movement that decimated Cambodian society in the 1970s, died in a Phnom Penh hospital on March 14 at age 87. The death of Ieng Sary, who became the public face of the Khmer Rouge as the regime’s foreign minister, robs the already … Read more

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