A New Academic Home Opens for Collecting ‘the Best’ Research on Peacemaking

What’s new: The Impact:Peace initiative launched this summer to provide “real” impact on peace-building on the ground, its founders say. The goal of the million-dollar project is to significantly reduce conflict worldwide, while accelerating the most important changes in the peace-building field. As the United Nations Security Council remains divided geopolitically and unable to stop … Read more


Is Global Cooperation Over? Midwesterners Assess the Trends

We stand on the shoulders of those who created the international order, which has prevented world war for more than 70 years. “American leaders who laid foundations of the contemporary world order envisioned a world in which all peoples might pursue shared peace, prosperity and dignity. They hoped to forge a global community under the … Read more

Iowa Teachers Connecting With the World

Umbrellas in China

It is a summer school for teachers, with a big difference. Sixteen of them working in the schools of Muscatine, Iowa, have been awarded grants since 2005 to travel abroad to enhance their global knowledge through the Catherine Miller Explorer Awards, a project of the Iowa-based Stanley Foundation, an internationally recognized global organization that stays … Read more

The Stanley Foundation’s New Venture in Digital Publishing


A new bimonthly newsletter, called The Latest, has made its debut from the Stanley Foundation, the nonprofit group based in Muscatine, Iowa, that works on peace and security issues through the promotion of good governance and justice worldwide. Keith Porter is also the new president of the organization, having been promoted from director of policy … Read more

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