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UN procurement

  •  November 8, 2022 
Four months ago, Russia was flagged for breaching international aviation law, and the United Nations has yet to replace dozens of grounded Russian-leased aircraft as a result of the violation. The UN’s response to the International Civil Aviation Authority’s warning to Russia about its actions directly compromises the safety of critical UN peacekeeping and …
  •  August 16, 2022 
Dozens of planes and helicopters leased from Russia by United Nations peacekeeping missions and humanitarian operations have been grounded as war-driven sanctions against Russia begin to bite, leaving UN officials scrambling to figure out how to keep critical air transport services running without compromising safety and falling afoul of international aviation law. In an …
  •  July 24, 2022 
A new agreement between Russia and the United Nations to specifically propel Russia’s food products and fertilizers back into commercial markets was signed in Istanbul last week. It comes with big ambitions for a country waging war and an international body dedicated to peacemaking: helping to achieve the “zero-hunger” Sustainable Development Goal, ensuring “unimpeded …
  •  May 16, 2022 
In October, the United States and Russia will square off in a high-stakes election to decide who will be the next secretary-general of the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union (ITU) — helping to determine the future of Internet communications for five billion users worldwide. The Geneva-based ITU develops standards and practices that make possible …
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