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  •  December 1, 2022 

The United States wants Iran kicked off the United Nations body mandated since 1946 to empower women and promote gender equality. Through a request to hold a vote in the UN’s Economic and Social Council on Dec. 14, the 54 members could agree on a resolution led by the US to oust Iran from …

  •  November 16, 2022 

A woman and her daughter in Kaduna, Nigeria, 2014.

LAGOS — The United Nations is ignoring repeated calls for help in resolving a resource war between largely Christian farmers and mainly Muslim herders in Kaduna, a state in northwest Nigeria. The conflict has been smoldering since 2011 and now, fanned by climate change, threatens to burst into flame. Violence in northwestern Nigeria killed …

  •  November 14, 2022 

In September, the presidents of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda took their allegations against each other over the resurgence of conflict in the eastern Congo to the United Nations General Assembly. I recall vividly similar claims and counterclaims from more than a decade ago when I was serving as the special …

  •  November 9, 2022 

Saeid Iravani, Iranian Ambassador to UN

  Iran’s new ambassador to the United Nations stunned journalists recently when he read a contentious statement to them in response to an informal Security Council meeting on the current protests in Iran. The envoy delivered his remarks to reporters just before the Council met on Nov. 2 to discuss in particular women’s rights …

  •  October 24, 2022 

After weeks of negotiations and delayed voting, the United Nations Security Council overwhelmingly agreed to sanction Jimmy Cherizier and other gang leaders accused of raping and terrorizing Haitian people. The sanctions were approved on Oct. 21 in a resolution led by the United States and Mexico, one week after a report by the Office …

  •  October 17, 2022 

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — When news that a mob of men raped eight young women last summer during a music-video production set in an abandoned mining site in Krugersdorp, Sipehle wasn’t optimistic that the culprits would be prosecuted. “My rapist walked free,” Sipehle said, explaining that it was because of a delay in DNA …

  •  October 14, 2022 

Sergiy Kyslytsya with binoculars the the UN

This week, we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child amid various restrictions on and violations of girls’ rights globally.  You are reading This Week @UN, summarizing the most pressing issues before the organization. The information is gathered from UN press briefings, PassBlue reporting and other sources. This week, Russia escalated its war …

  •  October 10, 2022 

Marat Gabidullin is throwing open the door on the notorious Wagner Group, the Russian quasi-private army that operates in the shadows and doesn’t exist on paper. When he released his memoir in April in French, describing his time as a Wagner fighter and a commander, Gabidullin, 55, became the first operative to go on …

  •  October 7, 2022 

Albana Dautllari, deputy permanent representative for Albania

This week, we bring you good news from Sierra Leone, one of the first countries in West Africa to roll out the human papilloma virus vaccine as part of routine immunization for girls. You are reading This Week @UN, summarizing the most pressing issues before the organization. The information is gathered from UN press …

  •  October 5, 2022 

Ambassador Michel Xavier Biang, Permanent Representative of Gabon to the UN

Naturally enough, Gabon is focusing on Africa as the country leads the United Nations Security Council this month. Gabon’s UN ambassador, Michel Xavier Biang, detailed his country’s plans for the rotating presidency, elaborating on a climate change agenda as well as counterterrorism, alignment of UN and African Union interests plus strengthening women’s resilience in …

  •  September 24, 2022 

Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

On the next-to-last day of the globe’s largest talkfest by world leaders, Sept. 24, the United Nations may have been quiet and most of the police barricades may have been dismantled outside, but inside the Assembly Hall, two powerful, stern foreign ministers — Wang Yi of China and Sergey Lavrov of Russia — dispelled …

  •  September 23, 2022 

As the speeches by world leaders in the General Assembly begin to wind down, the focus stays on the devastating war in Ukraine and its rippling effects across the globe, the warming Earth and other serious crises that continue to hurt people everywhere. Some of the world’s smallest countries, however, took the rostrum to …

  •  September 22, 2022 

Ministers from Gabon, Ghana and India at Security Council Meeting, Sept 22, 2022

Many African leaders who spoke at the United Nations General Assembly so far seem to all want the same thing: a permanent seat at the Security Council table. “Africa has waited long enough and will not wait any longer,” Ali Bongo Ondimba, Gabon’s president, said to the gathering on Sept. 21. The continent of …

  •  September 20, 2022 

President Emmanuel Macron of France

On the first day of the “high-level” week of the United Nations General Assembly, attracting approximately 150 world leaders in person to the world body for the first time since 2019, Secretary-General António Guterres, facing criticism for acting too little, too late in trying to prevent or stop Russia’s war in Ukraine, dived into …

  •  September 4, 2022 

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo is in trouble. Some of its problems are chronic, some are acute, but at its heart is a breakdown in trust between the mission and the community with which it operates. What is needed now more than ever is a genuine people-centered approach …

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