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António Guterres, the United Nations secretary-general, told the Security Council recently that he was “very concerned” about “unilateral initiatives” by the new Israeli government, noting that “the rule of law is at the heart of achieving a comprehensive peace” and “in line with UN resolutions, international law and previous …
Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane of Japan says his country’s new defense strategy of increasing its military might reflects the need to change the security architecture based on the current environment in East Asia. Yet Ishikane, who spoke to PassBlue on …
The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali is considering three distinct choices for its future operations, according to a new internal review. The analysis has been brought about by the mission’s “overstretched” status stemming from increased political and security …
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Beatrice Fihn, a 40-year-old Swede, grew up wanting to make a big difference in humanity, but she did not know how she could do that. First, she thought she …
This week, we focus on the crises in Yemen and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the United Nations intensifies peacekeeping and humanitarian remediation in the first weeks …
Hans Corell knows how to establish war crime tribunals. The Swede is a former top legal expert for the United Nations who served under Secretaries-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Kofi …
Ukraine is dropping its “peace formula summit” that it wanted to hold at the United Nations to mark the yearlong anniversary, on Feb. 24, of Russia’s illegal invasion of …
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KYIV — During its eight years of aggression against Ukraine, Russia has systematically pursued a policy of eradicating Ukrainian identity among children in the …
In the summer of 2022, as I prepared to become Ireland’s Ambassador to the United Nations, I watched the Security Council from afar. I …
Ukraine is dropping its “peace formula summit” that it wanted to hold at the United Nations to mark the yearlong anniversary, on Feb. 24, …
Margot Wallstrom, who chairs the Women’s Forum on Afghanistan, is asking the United Nations Security Council to pay an urgent visit to the …
António Guterres has finished the first year of his second five-year term as secretary-general of the United Nations. During his original term, from 2017-2022, …
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Trending UN News: Week Ending Dec. 16

Trending UN News: Week Ending Dec. 2

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